- 11 metre deck length
- 3,60 metre beam
- maximum load 15 tonnes
- 1,40 metre draught
- about 115 m2 of sail can be carried

This is the smallest in the family.

The Ti' Shpountz with her well rounded 11 metres of charm looks like a proud little ship. And that's true! like her big sisters! She is built to sail around the world and to withstand any sea or wind. She has the same sturdiness and strength.

She is a heavy displacement yacht. Hence the Ti' Shpountz can accept a very heavy load without her performance at sea being affected. Consequently she has a great range, and her movements still remain gentle and tolerant.

Her beauty is provided by her Dundee sail plan using "Dania" sails (the sail I invented). This is the most efficient and powerful sail plan for its size. I should point out that a schooner rig only works well on boats longer than 12 metres. Nevertheless the Dundee sail plan is very similar. It can still be handled in the same way. Reducing sail in heavy weather consists of taking in the sails at the ends and keeping the canvas in the center, in the same way as on a schooner rig.

The Ti' Shpountz can easily compete with modern sloops! 17 units are building to date. The final plans show the qualities of the Ti' Shpountz better than the project drawings attached.

As for the above deck layout, the cockpit is huge as it is on all Shpountz and the deck is well protected!

The layout below deck is as usual spacious, and consists of 1 single area: 1 large saloon, 1 real galley, 1 big head with shower, I double berth (1,50 m x 2 m), 2 single berths, and the fore pick may be fitted with a hammack for a young child. The Ti' Schpountz can be perfect as a boat for long ocean passages for a solo sailor or a couple, or the ideal family boat for the summer holidays.

The budget of amateur building in terms of materials, chandlery and equipment is depending on your options and the labour required is 7.000 to 8.000 hours depending on your organizing abilities.

To know the cost of construction plans

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