- 13 metre deck length
- 4 metre beam
- maximum load 17 tonnes
- about 130 m2 of sail can be carried
- 1,50 m draught

Approximately 45 units built or building. This is the little sister of "44-40". She is the ideal size! - 13 m and 17 T. She is easy to handle and allows any manoeuvre to be improvised.

The "38-40" is as fast as a modern sloop and points as high as a modern Ketch, and her ease of handling is a joy! She can exceed 9 knots in force three winds.

She is a spacious and pleasant yacht to live on, open below with partitions made by half bulkheads with frames and curtains. The impression achieved is one of living on a big boat: 2 cabins, 1 saloon, 1 galley and 1 big head with shower. A total of 1 double bed (1,50 m x 2 m) and 4 single berths. The "38-40" is the perfect boat for a family or a couple with their friends.

Nevertheless the cockpit and the saloon can easily hold ten people. The "38-40" can either be a passage making boat or a yacht for the holidays.

She has the same qualities of safety, strength and construction method as the "44-40", and is by far the fastest and most easily handled of all the Shpountz family. This is my best design, a sort of magical place of luck in 20 years designing where nothing needed to be corrected, neither the plan nor the specifications neither the building.

40% smaller also means 40% cheaper. The budget for amateur building in terms of materials, chandlery and fittings is depending on your options and the labour time required is 10.000 to 12.000 hours according to your organizing abilities.

To know the cost of construction plans

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