- 15 metres deck length
- 5 metre beam
- maximum load 30 tonnes
- about 200m2 of sail can be carried
- 1,80 metre draught

The Shpountz "44-40" is above all a passage making sailing ship. She is a real marine home And an unusually comfortable one!

She is a yacht in her beauty and her function, but she has the power and strength of a real sailing trader. She is a generous sailing ship. She can navigate without limits, in all latitudes, non-stop! and she balks at no sea and no wind! She is not even afraid of cyclones! During one of my 2-year voyages I never saw a wave break on the deck once and I never had my bottom wet in the cockpit unless it was raining!

Her program is unique!

The "44-40" carries a gaff schooner rig. Her cruising speed is 8 knots to 12 knots maximum. The "44-40" is specially suited to the trade winds, ocean passages and big waves. She is very well balanced under sail, in both versions (with fixed keel or centerboard) and easy to handle even by a couple alone! She can be sailed with the tips of the fingers. It is true that she needs a certain amount of learning, such as reducing sails as the wind freshens: it's simply a question of dropping the top sails and then the sails at the ends and keeping the canvas in the center.

On deck:
The cockpit is hue and can be protected by a sun awning. It can hold more than a dozen people. The deck, protected by a strong bulwark, provides safety and complete ease of movement.

To port on entering: the light and airy galley is perfectly laid out for cooking without a retaining belt.

In the middle there is an enormous saloon occupying the full 5-metre width of the boat with 2 m headroom, giving a feeling of generous space. It can easily hold more than 12 people.
Fore and aft of this saloon: 2 beautiful cabins: each with a double bed (1,50 m x 2 m), big storage lockers, cupboards, shelves and space for reading and a real head with shower, etc.
About 40 units have already been built or are in the process of building.
A total of 2 double and 4 single berths, the "44-40" is ideal for 2 couples or a couple with older children. She can be an excellent yacht for an owner with a professional crew or even a very good charter boat.
Naturally she is a magnificent yacht! And the biggest of the Shpountz family. She is also the most expensive and the one which takes the longest to build.
She is entirely designed for amateur building with detailed plans and a building manual. This is the largest size that an amateur could consider building.
The purchasing budget for amateur building in terms of materials, chandlery and fittings is depending on your options and the labour time will be 14 to 18.000 hours depending on your organizing abilities.

To know the cost of construction plans

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