" Lady of Bermuda "
The LADIES are a serie - 13,20 metre deck length
- 3,90 metre beam
- 1,50 metre draught
- about 130 m2 of sail can be carried
- maximum load 13 tonnes

The 13,20 metre Lady of Bermuda is certainly the yacht in which I have incorporated the most innovations! Her design and the special points of her building make her a real yacht which hardly costs any more than a well equipped plastic boat of the same size.
I especially wanted to make a boat which sailed fast and quite simply manoeuvred itself and I'm not joking! I'm really not a sporting type and I never have been. I am an ocean sailor who loves cruising and who appreciates that everything should be simple and efficient on board and above all I like to arrive safely, and not too tired!
It was when I was stuck in the St Georges lagoon in the Bermudas that I was able to admire American Bugeyes and Bermudan schooners for the first time. Their beautiful shapes, of rare elegance and incredible simplicity can only be admired. Their hard chine pointed stern hulls built with traditional planking gave me the idea of transposing them into marine ply construction. Don't misunderstand me, this is not lightweight marine ply on strakes and partitions but thick marine ply on a strong frame to make a strong boat with heavy displacement and a lot of momentum. With a V-shaped hull the boat is seaworthy in all circumstances. Her behaviour is extremely pleasant: no rolling, no pitching
I managed to design the chine to be horizontal and on the water line. In this way it becomes invisible! Even when heeled! Lady of Bermuda provides the grace of a rounded hull she's a real yacht! or rather a Lady! thanks to her pure thoroughbred lines.
Marine ply building has thus climbed to the level of "quality yachting" and has acquired for the first time a noble status, while at the same time becoming a reliable, strong and durable method of construction. Thanks to epoxies the maintenance of this yacht is of course very easy.
Her "Bermudan" or "three-sail" rig is unbelievably simple and really can be handled solo. The sails can be hoisted in 15 minutes and dropped in 2.
Accommodation is laid out for a family or couple wishing to receive friends. Everything is generous and spacious. Galley, chart table, office, saloon (2 simple or 1 double berth), a cabin with a double berth (1,50 m x 2 m), a bathroom with shower. Everything is large, which is quite unusual for a boat of this size. This impression is further accentuated by the fact that communication with the fore cabin is by a bulkhead in the form of a wide open frame:
- Closed it cuts off the fore cabin to provide privacy.
- Open, below decks the boat forms one huge cabin, opening a view of the whole length of the boat Lady of Bermuda is suitable for all types of sailing: weekend cruises or tropical passage making, and even northern latitudes.
The method of construction used for the Lady in the standard hard chine version cannot be built by an amateur. However, the boat can easily be finished from a bare hull, or finished major works produced by a yard.
For amateurs who would like to build such a yacht themselves I have designed a version with a rounded hull for simplified moulded wood building. There are two choices of sail plans for this version:
- Belles des Bermudes with Bermudan rig
- Mam Racoon with a gaff rig.
Note! These amateur versions need to be built upside down and require to be turned over! The budget required for buying materials chandlery and fittings is depending on your options and a 6,000 to 8,000 hours of labour depending on how you are organized.

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