Daniel Z. Bombigher

Daniel Z. Bombigher passed away at the age of 60.

His complete works are and will still be available. It's Herve Coutand, naval architect, his ex-apprentice and collaborator, who take care of all information, documentation and news shipbuilding.


The designs: classic yachts, schooners ...

Yacht designer and architect, Marine painter also, since 1969

Mixting the pure traditional spirit of the marine culture, with the most modern Technologies of construction and equipements is my passion. 230 schooners built all around the world, without any accident or shipwreck, even with many circumnavigations and hurricanes.

The folowing designs are only documentations, property of Zoé Bombigher (Bombigher 's daugther), no construction, distribution, reproduction, publication, without written autorisation (11 of march 1907-1957 law).